We’re ready, willing and waiting.

Between tests, intramurals and nights out with friends, we’re thinking about our careers, too. We’re insanely passionate about creating cool things – and we have the skills to do it now. Photography, videography, graphic design and copywriting are what we’re great at. Hit us up – we’re basically an army of interns at your disposal.

We Find Talent

College kids – we just get it. We’re full of passion, ideas, straight-up gumption, and we know what’s hot. We’re all here at Model Farm for one reason – to get our first big break.


We Train Well

We then spend days, weeks, months, learning to bridge that gap between what we’ve learned in the classroom and what the professional world expects. Everything from email lingo to how to tie a tie.


We Find You

Next comes you. You have a project that could use a fresh take, or you just need an extra set of hands to put together that brochure you can’t deal with right now. Send it to us. We want to deal with it.


You Put Us to Work

Once you’re our client, we bust it to make sure you’re getting what you want. Happy clients mean happy futures and killer portfolios. That’s our sweet spot and that’s why we exist.


We’re proud of the killer projects we’ve worked on. Our moms are too.

ISU Financial Literacy Video

ISU Financial Literacy Video

CIRTL – ISU Graduate College

CIRTL – ISU Graduate College

3-Minute Animated Graphic Recruitment Video

KEEN Project Solutions

KEEN Project Solutions

Brand design, templates, brochures, etc.

Jensen Consulting

Jensen Consulting

Website Design & Strategy

Cy Animated Gif

Cy Animated Gif

Cyclone Football Promotion

Vermeer Leaders

Vermeer Leaders

Logos, Word Marks, Branding



Onsite photo shoots, events, stock photography options

The way we see it


We really feel like we can talk to you.

May 17, 2016

Cyclone Spotlight: Nick Harrington

March 22, 2016 in Design, Food for thought

Why I chose to get a job in college

By Sarah Folkmann, Agency Designer   Why get a job in college? Most students would say because they are poor. College is not cheap in any sense of the word…

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March 10, 2016 in Food for thought, General

Gaining real world experience as a student

By Amanda Babyar, Agency Coordinator   When I was first told there was a position available within the Model Farm creative agency I leaped at the opportunity. Not because I knew what…

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March 10, 2016 in Food for thought, General

How I stay on top of trends

By Nick Harrington, Account Manager   Marketing is everywhere, and it can be a little overwhelming when attempting to stay on top of something that is so broad, diverse, and…

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